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Fifth Years

TJGTom Graham

e-mail: tjgraham

Tom was born in Adelaide, South Australia and moved to the States early in life. He completed his undergraduate work at UNC Asheville (B.S., Chemistry), where he worked under Dr. Herman Holt Jr. on the synthesis of combretastatin A-4 analogues. He then moved south to work in the Goess lab at Furman University (M.S., Chemistry), where he completed the synthesis of grandisol and developed a method for the regioselective semihydrogenation of dienes. Away from the lab, he enjoys watching UNC beat dook, brewing beer, and backpacking.

Fourth Years

JDSJason Shields

e-mail: jdshield

Jason was born in Santa Barbara, California, but grew up in Gloucester, Virginia. He graduated in 2010 from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in chemistry and history.  He is a level 7 nerd and will happily talk with you, to you, or at you about nerdy endeavors–so tread carefully. He spends as much of his free time as possible with his wife, Emily, a physics grad student here at Princeton.


CYHDennis Chung-Yang Huang

e-mail: chungh

Dennis was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. After graduating from high school, he came to the United States for college at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a chemistry major, he conducted undergraduate research in the Danheiser group working on a total synthesis project. He also spent two summers in the Nakamura lab at the University of Tokyo, one dedicated to fullerene chemistry research and another on intramural softball. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing sports, reading novels, watching movies, and studying Japanese language and culture.

Third Years

KTAKevin Arendt

e-mail: karendt

Kevin was born and raised in the great state of Texas.  He attended Texas A&M University (BS, Chemistry 2011) where he worked for Daniel Romo on a project dealing with the asymmetric synthesis of bicyclic beta-lactones.  While not in the lab he enjoys listening to music, reading, and watching the Aggies BTHO t.u.



Erin Gray

e-mail: eegray

Erin grew up in East Tennessee.  She graduated with a B. S. in chemistry from Furman University, where she conducted undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Brian Goess.  While at Furman, she completed a total synthesis of grandisol and developed a method for the isomerization of stilbenes.  Outside the lab, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and cooking.

KWKevin Wu

e-mail: kwu

Kevin was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, but grew up in New Jersey. He graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in Chemistry from Boston College, where he worked in the lab of Amir Hoveyda. He contributed to the total synthesis of epothilone and also worked on a method for the asymmetric allylation of aldehydes. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, reading, and watching movies.

Second Years

DTADerek Ahneman

e-mail: ahneman

Derek was born and raised in Stamford, CT.  He graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Delaware, where he performed mechanistic studies of the silyl-Heck reaction in the Watson group. Outside the lab, he enjoys watching football (go Giants and Ravens!), reading, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Tracie.

Patrick Lutz

JPLe-mail: jlutz

Patrick hails from the Land Shaped Like a Hand.  After growing up in southeast Michigan, he moved to the west part of the state to attend Hope College, and he graduated in May 2012 with a B.S. in chemistry.  At Hope, he worked in the Johnson lab, studying the mechanism of Rh-catalyzed carbon–carbon σ-bond activation, and learned everything he knows about Swedish lawn games.  Outside of lab, Patrick enjoys reading, watching British T.V. shows, playing guitar (badly), drinking bubble tea, and wondering why everyone around these parts insists on referring to pop as “soda.”

First Years

Matt pictureMatt Nielsen

e-mail: mkn2

Matt claims to be from San Jose, California, but he also has spent considerable time on the east coast. He graduated in 2013 with a degree in chemistry from Brigham Young University where he synthesized glycolipid immunostimulants for Dr. Paul Savage. Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Michele and their daughter, Madeleine. They enjoy cooking Thai cuisine, reading juvenile fiction, and hitting the beach as much as possible.