Simon Meek

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Thursday, Mar. 9, 2017 4:30pm6:00pm
Frick Chemistry Laboratory, Taylor Auditorium
Todd Hyster
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Development of Catalytic Stereoselective Nucelophilic Addition Reactions for Organic Synthesis

This seminar will focus on our recent progress in developing new catalysts and strategies for chemical synthesis.  Our group has a long-term interest in developing catalyst-controlled nucleophile addition processes that enable new approaches to stereoselective C–C bond construction.  In this regard, the development of catalytic enantioselective reactions of boron-stabilized alkylmetals will be discussed.  In addition, the design and development of electrophilic carbon(0) ligated rhodium(I) complexes for catalytic site- and enantioselective hydrofunctionalizations of olefins will be presented.