A Photo Adventure Story from Jacqueline Dragon ’19 (CHM) - with George Georges ’19 (CHM) and Heide Baron ‘21

By Douglas Rosso
Tuesday, September 12 2017

George and I met for a day in Paris. We all took numerous pictures of the sites!

George posed with an artistic representation of enantiomers at the Musée d'Orsay.

First, we saw the Musée d'Orsay, then climbed the Eiffel Tower together. It was a lot of fun.  (Our climbing group had great group chemistry--ha!--since our other friend, Heide Baron, is also considering joining the Chemistry Department.)

George, Heide, and Jackie after climbing up the Eiffel Tower, with the cityscape of Paris behind them.

I hadn't previously understood the massive scale of the Eiffel Tower since it always looks so perfectly proportioned in key chains and photos. Since the base is so wide, however, the tower is huge. The Eiffel Tower also lit up at night and then, on the hour, sparkled. Bits of light danced and flashed across the whole structure. It was magical!

The next day, George and I saw Versailles with different groups of Princeton students. 

Jackie at Versailles.

I also saw the Mona Lisa and other beautiful works of art in the Louvre, which were lovely. We couldn't get close to Da Vinci's famous painting, as there was a security guard, but the whole experience was remarkable.

Traveling abroad over the summer has been amazing as a chemistry major, student, and person. I'm excited for the adventures to come!