Frick Event Guidelines

We are pleased to host your event in the Frick Chemistry Laboratory. Here are some guidelines to follow for the use of Taylor Commons (Frick atrium) and Taylor Auditorium. To schedule Taylor Commons for an event, please contact the Department of Chemistry's Facilities and Safety Manager, Stellios Maroulis, at or 609-258-7048, or submit a space request through EMS at Since Taylor Auditorium is a classroom facility, the space is managed by the Registrar's Office and can only be scheduled through University Scheduling Services.

NOTE: For all events hosted by organizations that are not directly affiliated with Princeton University, event planners must first contact Princeton University Conference and Event Services at

Frick Chemistry Laboratory is a 24-hour working facility and we kindly request your consideration for those working in the building during evening hours and on the weekends. For safety reasons, entry to the labs, basement, interior and exterior staircases are prohibited.

In order to ensure the success of your event, we strongly suggest that the individual who makes the arrangements (i.e. for set up, catering, cleanup, etc.) remain on site throughout the event.

  • BUILDING CAPACITY: Taylor Commons: The maximum number of people for a non-seated reception or other format is 600. Seated dinners have a maximum capacity of 350. General seating diagrams are available. Taylor Auditorium: Lecture Hall seating is 240. No food or beverages are permitted inside the auditorium. To make sure the appropriate temperatures are provided in these spaces during your event, please contact Engineering and Campus Energy directly, or 609-258-5890, 48 hours in advance.
  • BUILDING ACCESS: A Department of Public Safety (DPS) Event Registration Form is required for every event being held after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and for any weekend event. As Frick Chemistry Lab is a 24/7 scientific research facility, every event should be registered with Public Safety. Please send a copy of this form to Stellios Maroulis. This form must be sent to Public Safety 10 days in advance of the event. If for any reason, the designated main doors at the north main entrance are not open when you arrive, call Public Safety at 609-258-1000. No public phone is available, so please bring a cell phone.
  • CATERING: We do not offer a kitchen facility and all outside caterers must prepare food off-site and be completely self-sufficient. Sterno is acceptable for use, but must be GEL Sterno only -- not liquid -- and can only be lit with a candle/grill lighter and not matches. Paper tablecloths and disposable dishes are not acceptable for use underneath the sterno. Please note, open flames, candles and on-site cooking are prohibited! You must be here to receive all food deliveries, along with rented china, glassware, etc., and you are strongly advised not to leave any property unattended. No catering supplies can be left behind for pickup later; everything must be removed at the end of the event. Please convey this to your caterer.
  • ALCOHOL: The University Office of Risk Management requires alcohol to be served by a trained bartender – self-service is not permitted. Your caterer should provide serving or bar tending staff for the event. Student Agencies also provide bar-tending service. All alcoholic beverages are to be removed at the end of the event. Public Safety must be present at all events serving alcohol.
  • SECURITY: All undergraduate events are required to have Public Safety present at the event. If you serve alcohol on site, we require you to have a Public Safety officer present throughout the event, from arrival time of caterers to departure time of the very last guest or worker. You should make this arrangement at least 3 weeks in advance using the DPS Event Registration Form.
  • AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT: Please contact AV Services at 609-258-3196 and/or the Broadcast Center at 609-258-7872 directly and in advance for assistance with audio/visual equipment in Taylor Auditorium and/or Taylor Commons. The Department of Chemistry does not manage AV and media equipment in Taylor Auditorium. Taylor Commons is equipped with an internal sound system and microphones can be requested through the Facilities Manager.
  • RENTALS: Building Services can provide rental equipment for your event. For details, visit Princeton University Facilities' Request-a-Service or call 609-258-3490. All rentals, set-ups and break-downs must be handled through Building Services. Rental items from Building Services will be removed when they clean-up. The Building Services staff will move atrium furniture, if required, for your event in Taylor Commons. Please note, removal of all atrium furniture by Building Services is costly and you will be charged a fee for this service, as much as $1,500.
  • DELIVERIES: All deliveries must be made through the main entrance of the building (north door). Propping open any perimeter door will result in an alarm to Public Safety. You must be here to receive all outside deliveries, from rental services, caterers, etc. Any rentals from Building Services do not need to be received by you.
  • CLEAN UP: Building Services will provide clean-up coverage during the event and a post-event clean-up will be billed directly to your Building Services event costs.
  • ELECTRICAL/LIGHTING SUPPORT: For after-hours (4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) support, a work order should be submitted to Special Facilities for coverage. All special lighting requests and decorations are to be pre-approved.
  • NOISE: No marching bands, dance bands or amplified music is allowed, due to disruption to researchers who work evenings and weekends. 
  • 11:00 P.M. END TIME: All attendees and caterers must vacate the building by 11:00 pm, unless you have prior approval from the Chemistry Department/Janet Gruschow. Please plan your end time accordingly. No catering supplies, easels, or event paraphernalia may be left behind and must be removed at the end of the event.
  • PARKING: For events requiring parking, contact the Office of Parking and Transportation at or 609-258-3157 for non-Princeton University attendee parking.
  • PRE-EVENT MEETING: For all events in Taylor Commons, please schedule a pre-event meeting and walk through two to three weeks ahead of the event date with Building Services contact, Mike Carson, or 609-258-5302. This meeting is to review the set-up, floor plan and details for the event.