Research Focus

Since its founding, the Link lab has been interested in applying the tools of protein engineering and bioconjugate chemistry to engineer peptides and proteins with conformational constraints. Conformational constraints within a polypeptide can lead to improvements in properties such as protease stability, thermostability, and binding affinity. With the development of bioorthogonal chemistry in the early 2000’s, the toolbox for conformational constraints expanded. We have used a combination of protein engineering and azide-alkyne click chemistry to carry out “protein stapling” on small proteins (Abdeljabbar et al. Chem. Comm. 2014). We have also used olefin metathesis chemistry to constrain short engineered peptides that function to turn on apoptosis in cells (Link and Zhang, US patent 9,464,125). We have also looked to nature for inspiration in strategies for conformationally constraining peptides. This has led to our program on lasso peptides, an ever expanding class of natural products defined by their slipknot-like topology (see figure). Our group started out working on the antimicrobial lasso peptide microcin J25 as an interesting substrate for engineering by directed evolution (Pan et al. JACS 2011) and with unnatural amino acids (Piscotta et al. Chem. Comm 2015). We became interested in the variety of different lasso peptides present in nature and developed the first algorithm for large-scale genome mining of lasso peptides (Maksimov et al. PNAS 2012). We continue to look to lasso peptides as a source of new antibiotics, interesting new enzymology, and even as building blocks for molecular machines. Please read below for more details on these specific projects.

Research Areas
Chemical Biology

Participant in German-American Frontiers of Science Symposium, 2016
Participant in NAE US/EU Frontiers of Engineering, 2014
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (Chemistry), 2013-2015
DuPont Young Professor, 2011
NSF CAREER Award, 2010
NIH Kirschstein/NRSA Fellowship, 2006
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2000
Tau Beta Pi Fellowship, 2000

Selected Recent Publications

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