Chemical biologists generate and utilize chemical tools to explore biological systems. Researchers work at the intersection of the two disciplines to probe scientific questions at the molecular level. Research programs in this area are wide-ranging and include synthesis and semi-synthesis of proteins and peptides, elucidation of protein structure and function, discovery of novel anti-infectives and biosynthetic pathways and understanding of cellular signaling networks. 


Chemical Biology Departmental Collaborations:

Chembio Supergroup — This cross-disciplinary chemical biology supergroup meets once a month during the academic school year, usually on the 1st or 2nd Friday at noon. Students from the Muir, Kleiner, Rabinowitz, Seyedsayamdost, Hecht, Ando and Link labs rotate to give chalk talks of their research. Two students or post-doctoral researchers present per meeting and lunch is provided. The meeting gives group members the opportunity to learn about research outside of their group and encourages discussion between labs. To join the group's list serve, please contact Kimberly Bitterman, faculty assistant to Ralph Kleiner.