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Current Offering (April 2022):

Opening Recruitment of Specially Appointed Research Employee (Single-molecule Biophysics) of the International Research Collaboration Center (IRCC)

The International Research Collaboration Center (IRCC) at the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) in Japan has launched the Division of Quantitative and Imaging Biology (QIB) in April 2019 to promote international collaborative research of life sciences in cooperation with Princeton University. IRCC-QIB seeks to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to harness approaches from advanced single-molecule imaging, tracking, and data analysis to elucidate dynamics and energy conversion mechanisms of molecular motor proteins, for example but not limited to, engineered kinesins. The ideal candidate will promote joint research between the NINS and Princeton University.

[PLEASE NOTE: The employer of this job offering is NOT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. This position is at the IRCC at the NINS in JAPAN. Over the term of the appointment, the individual will spend time at both Princeton University and the IIRC in Japan.]

Further details and guidelines may be found in this document.