Faculty Assistant

Pattie Faranetta
Frick Laboratory, 221

Research Focus

John T. Groves video interviewThe major thrust of our research program is at the interface of organic, inorganic, and biological chemistry. Many biochemical transformations as well as important synthetic and industrial processes are catalyzed by metals. Current effort focus on the design of new, biomimetic catalysts and the molecular mechanisms of these processes, the design and assembly of large scale membrane-protein-small molecule constructs, studies of host-pathogen interactions related to iron acquisition by small molecule siderophores and molecular probes of the role of peroxynitrite in biological systems.

Research Areas
Catalysis / Synthesis
Chemical Biology
Inorganic Chemistry

American Chemical Society National Award in Inorganic Chemistry (2015)

Sigma-Aldrich Award in Inorganic Chemistry, Northwestern University (2015)

Rayson Huang Prize and Lectureship in Chemistry, University of Hong Kong (2015)

National Academy of Sciences (2012)

Ira Remsen Award, American Chemical Society (2010)

Hans Fischer Award in Porphyrin Chemistry, Hans Fischer Gesellschaft (Munich), (2010)

Keller Center Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Princeton University (2010)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2009-)

Frontiers in Biological Chemistry Award, Max Planck Institute (2009)

Grand Prix, Maison de la Chimie (Paris) Laureate, for contributions to mankind and nature (2008)

National Science Foundation Extension Award for Special Creativity (2008-2011)

National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH, MERIT Award (2007-2017)

Cady Distinguished Lecturer, University of Washington (2007)

Distinguished Visiting Professor University of Hong Kong (2003)

Distinguished Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Northwestern University (2000)

Abbott Distinguished Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Colorado State University (2000)

Alfred Bader Award in Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society (1996)

Eli Lilly Distinguished Lecturer, Indiana University (1997)

Bergmann Lectureship, Yale University (1997

Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (1987 and 1997)

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1993-)

Morris S. Kharasch Visiting Professor, University of Chicago (1993)

Hugh Stott Taylor Chair of Chemistry, Princeton University (1991-)

A. C. Cope Scholar Award, American Chemical Society, 1991)

National Science Foundation Extension Award for Special Creativity (1990-1992)

Nichols Distinguished Lecturer (1989)

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1984)

Phi Lambda Upsilon Award for Teaching and Leadership (1978)

L. P. Hammett Award for Outstanding Graduate Research, Columbia University (1969)

Selected Recent Publications

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