Inorganic chemists are interested in all of the elements in the periodic table with a special emphasis on transition-metal elements. Research projects range from structural assignment of metal complexes to reaction and catalyst development. Researchers in this arena investigate new methods to make industrial processes that rely on transition metal catalysis more efficient and sustainable. 


Inorganic Departmental Collaborations:

Literature Lunch — This group meets once a week and is attended by the Chirik, Doyle and Carrow labs. The schedule rotates among members of all three labs and is organized by the students with principal investigators usually in attendance. Every week a student presents either a recent literature paper or results from his or her own research, alternating each week. For literature presentations, students discuss the relevant background of the article and summarize the current paper, with an emphasis on critical analysis of their results and conclusions. As students in different groups have varied interests, these meetings give students a deeper understanding of papers they might not otherwise read. For research presentations, presenters provide a brief synopsis of previous results and focus on recent results, usually in a chalk talk. This is a great exercise for students to practice organizing and sharing their research outside of their group.


Associated Faculty