New majors


Students planning to enter the chemistry department must follow the procedure shown below: 

Michael Kelly (second from left) with physical chemistry students
Photo by C. Todd Reichart

Step 1 – Complete the required information Session

Each student is required to complete an information session with the Department of Chemistry’s Undergraduate Administrator.

This one-on-one meeting will cover:

  • Course requirements
  • Required trainings
  • The Junior and Senior Independent Work programs
  • Opportunities for Study Abroad experiences
  • Preparation for graduate school, if applicable
  • The Chemistry Outreach Program
  • Science-related certificates 
  • General departmental business (paperwork, lab coat sizing, individual photographs)

Students also have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss how their extracurricular activities fit into the demands of the program, and other issues of concern. 


Step 2 – Declare your major!

Using the instructions that will be e-mailed to you at the end of March, declare your concentration on the Registrar's website.


Step 3 - Course Advising & Program Planning 

Once the information session has been completed and the chemistry major selected, students will be provided with the link to the online Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASE) for the Department of Chemistry's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Robert P. L'Esperance, to set up an appointment for course advising. 


Step 4 – Register

On TigerHub, register for the courses approved by Dr. L'Esperance.