Knowles Receives Novartis Early Career Award in Organic Chemistry

By C. Todd Reichart
Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2018

Robert Knowles, Assistant Professor of ChemistryProfessor of Chemistry, Robert Knowles, is a recipient of the 2017 Novartis Early Career Award in Organic Chemistry, given annually to outstanding scientists within 10 years of having established an independent academic research career in the areas of organic or bioorganic chemistry. Two awardees are identified each year from the global research community, each of whom receives an unrestricted research grant. The award was first established in 2007.

The Knowles group's research interests include asymmetric catalysis and new reaction development, with a focus on photocatalysis and the investigation of proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) applications in organic synthesis.

The other 2017 awardee is Bill Morandi of the Max-Plank-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.