Chemistry Saturdays

Chemistry Saturdays is a monthly outreach event organized by chemistry graduate students and presented at the Princeton Public Library. The event is targeted to local children ages 5-12 and aims to provide chemistry activities to both entertain and inspire scientists of the future. Each event has several hands-on activities for children to do themselves as well as a demonstration presented by chemistry graduate students. This event is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.



The goal of the Chem-STEM outreach initiative is to inform and excite high-school students about graduate study and careers in science with the hope of inspiring students at a young age to pursue careers in STEM (STEM=Science Technology Engineering and Math). This live online program consists of a brief introduction to the graduate school experience and then a Q&A with a panel of current Princeton chemistry graduate students and postdocs. Chem-STEM's virtual format means that it is available to schools anywhere and to students from all backgrounds. Chem-STEM's virtual format also means that no travel is required for mentor volunteers limiting their time commitment (~45 minutes required per session).

Read a news story about the vision and people of Chem-STEM...

If interested in volunteering or setting up a session for your class, contact Dali Davis (MacMillan lab) dalid@princeton.edu or Benito Buksh (MacMillan lab) bbuksh@princeton.edu

Here's the flier for interested teachers.
Schools that have participated in the program include:

  • Trenton Central High School, Trenton, NJ
  • Hamilton Township Steinert High School, Hamilton, NJ.
  • Council Rock High School, Newtown, PA.
  • College Achieve Central Charter School, Plainfield, NJ.
  • Willingboro High School, Willingboro, NJ.
  • Toms River High School North, Toms River, NJ.