Paramjit (Bobby) Arora

Department of Chemistry
New York University
Thursday, Sep. 21, 2017 4:30pm
Edward C. Taylor Auditorium, Frick B02
Tom Muir
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Protein Domain Mimics as Modulators of Protein−Protein Interactions

Protein−protein interactions (PPIs) are ubiquitous in biological systems and often misregulated in disease. As such, specific PPI modulators are desirable to unravel complex PPI pathways and expand the number of druggable targets available for therapeutic intervention. However, the large size and relative flatness of PPI interfaces make them challenging molecular targets. This presentation will describe our systematic approach using secondary and tertiary protein domain mimics (PDMs) to specifically modulate PPIs. Our strategy focuses on mimicry of regular secondary and tertiary structure elements from one of the PPI partners to inspire rational PDM design.  Current applications of the overall approach to develop small molecule cancer therapeutics will be discussed.


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