Richard Liu

Department of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022
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Robert Knowles
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New approaches to common organic transformations using metal- and polymer-based catalysts

First, I will present CuH catalysts that enable stable and accessible olefins to replace organometallic reagents in the regio- and stereoselective addition to carbonyl derivatives. I will demonstrate the extension of CuH catalysis to non-reductive transformations, such as an exceptionally mild dehydration of amines to form nitriles. Next, I will describe the hypothesis-driven discovery of a cationic Ni-based precatalyst for C–N cross-coupling using an extremely mild, soluble base: triethylamine. To conclude, I will introduce a microporous organic polymer platform for the heterogenization of diverse organic and organometallic photoredox dyes. These tunable materials are easily processed in solution into various highly active catalytic modalities (including films, coatings, dispersions, magnetic particles, textiles, and stationary phases for flow). I will also mention ongoing efforts to leverage their charge- and energy-transport properties to develop new photoconductive sensor technology.