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Leach Summer Scholars Program - For Freshman and Sophomores


The Department of Chemistry offers a research experience program for Princeton freshmen and sophomores during the summer of 2019. The program is supported through the Charles Henry Leach, II Endowment Fund for Student Research in the Sciences.

Program Description:

Each student participates in an independent project directed by a member of the Princeton faculty. To gain an understanding of the scope of modern chemical research, participants will have daily contact with faculty, graduate students, advanced researchers (e.g., postdoctoral candidates), undergraduate majors, technical staff, etc., in formal seminars, informal meetings, and the laboratory setting. Weekly Leach Summer Scholar luncheon meetings include required safety training sessions, ethics training, special seminars, research seminars by rising senior chemistry majors and other chemistry-related activities. The program culminates with a research poster session. Each participant will design and present a poster describing his or her laboratory project and the research progress made during the program.

Program Dates:

The program runs for 9 weeks, from June 10, 2019 to August 9, 2019. Students must be present for the duration of the program.


The eligible student must be an enrolled freshman or sophomore at Princeton University and have an interest in majoring in chemistry. 


An educational stipend  is provided. Please refer to the information posted on the Blackboard application website.


Housing arrangements and payments are the responsibility of the participant. Housing may be on-campus or off-campus. Off-campus arrangements must be within a 15-minute walk/drive/bike of the campus proper.

Program Contract:

Finalists are required to sign a contract agreement with the Undergraduate Administrator during an acceptance interview. A signed contract is considered to be a binding agreement.


The application for summer 2019 will be available under “Chemistry Department – Leach Summer Scholars Program 2019” in the “organizations” section of the University’s Blackboard system. The application packet includes an application page, college transcript generated by the Office of the Registrar, resume, short essay, two references from individuals in science and/or math related fields of study, a photo permission form, and an allergy/food choices form. A complete application packet must be submitted to the department's Undergraduate Administrator (Frick Laboratory, A22), by the deadline posted on the program's Blackboard application site. Late or partial applications will not be accepted.

Leach Summer Scholars Program 2019:

Front Row, from left: Ananya Vinayak '22, Adam Boukind '22, John Rezk '22, Mansi Totwani '22, Dr. Henry Gingrich, Director 
Back Row, from left: Sophia Goldberg '22, Quinn Rademaker '22, Vinh Ton '22, Bingjian Li '22, Cole Sandvold '21




Summer Research Internships - For Rising Seniors & Early Concentrators


Establishing a summer internship:   

The first step is to speak with your faculty mentor to discuss your interest in working on your research project during the summer. This year’s summer dates are June 10, 2019 to August 9, 2019 (nine weeks). A full nine-week commitment is required and written confirmation of your arrangement sent to the Undergraduate Administrator by your faculty mentor. Please understand that your summer internship must be a contiguous period of time, with no other concurrent employment commitment or vacation breaks other than formally established University holidays.

Formal Agreement:  

All summer research interns must meet with the Department’s Undergraduate Administrator to complete and sign a contract agreement that spells out the details of their plans, the Department’s rules for a summer stay, and to provide any required documentation.  


Summer plans must be in place, including all required paperwork, no later than May 1.


Arrangements for housing are left up to the student. Each intern is welcome to live off campus or on campus, taking full responsibility for housing agreements and payments, but the chosen residence must be local. Commuting distance should be no longer than a 15 minute drive, walk, or bike ride to facilitate project work in lab and involvement in the summer research community in general.


Summer internship support is not available from the Chemistry Department. Funding may be available through one of the sources listed below. Support must be in place for your internship.   In some cases, opportunities will also offer funding for materials for your project. Please contact the department Undergraduate Administrator regarding funding requirements.

  • S.A.F.E. (Student Activity Funding Engine) - The various University funding resources are posted on the S.A.F.E. website, each opportunity specifying the type of project it will support. Be careful to choose opportunities listing guidelines that are a good fit with your project. A single application is required; you will then indicate all of the opportunities for which you are applying for that application. The coordinators of the opportunities will work together to decide whether your application will be funded and, if accepted, the total amount of the award you will receive. Do not submit more than one application/project proposal or you will jeopardize your eligibility for support. 

Click here to visit the S.A.F.E. website 

  • Outside Resources - Some online diligence may produce a source of funding for your internship. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an example. Such opportunities tend to be few, but may be worth the time spent to identify them and apply. A discussion with your faculty mentor may help you identify funding resources used by prior undergraduates in your lab.
  • Faculty Support - In some instances, your faculty mentor may be able to provide an educational stipend. In such cases, written approval of that agreement should be sent via e-mail to the Undergraduate Administrator by your faculty mentor.



Summer Research Internships - For Undeclared Freshmen and Sophomores & Students from Other Departments


Establishing a Summer Internship:

Princeton students who are not yet eligible to sign into the Chemistry Department as majors and students from other departments may, on occasion, arrange to work with a chemistry professor for the summer. It is up to individual students to contact professors whose research is a good fit with their academic preparation and their career goals in order to identify an opportunity. It is strongly recommended that inquiries be accompanied by a copy of the current transcript from TigerHub along with an up-to-date CV. Note that funding must be in place before a formal agreement can be finalized.  Written confirmation of the arrangement must be sent to the Undergraduate Administrator by the faculty mentor in order to set up the details of the internship. The 2019 summer dates are June 10, 2019 to August 9, 2019 (nine weeks). A full nine-week commitment is required. Please understand that the summer internship must be a contiguous period of time, with no other concurrent employment commitment or vacation breaks other than formally established University holidays.

Requirements & Procedure:

Students who establish an opportunity are required to abide by the terms and conditions described under the  “Summer Research Internships - For Rising Seniors & Early Concentrators” section of this website.


Potential funding resources are listed on the University’s S.A.F.E. website.  An online search may identify potential outside sources of support. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for available funding whenever possible or to arrange for an educational stipend from the faculty mentor.

Additional Information/Assistance:  

Please contact the Undergraduate Administrator (Room A22 Frick Chemistry Lab/Phone 609-258-5015) if you need further assistance with arrangements and planning.