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Jacqueline Dragon ’19 International Internship in the Czech Republic

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Dobrý den! I’ve been working at the University of South Bohemia’s Institute of Complex Systems this summer in the Czech Republic. I used light microscopy, specifically bright-field microscopy, to image and analyze movements of cancer and epithelial cells. Thermodynamics and organic chemistry have also been helpful for me, since I have been proofreading the English in reviews and article drafts for my supervisors.

The central location of the Czech Republic also makes traveling very convenient! Over different weekends, a group of other Princeton students and I traveled around Europe. We’ve visited a variety of stunning cities, including: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Dresden, Berlin, Krakow, Zurich and Paris. It’s been eye-opening and extremely exciting to experience new cultures, learn some Czech, make friends from other countries, and see these stunning sites.