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Visiting Faculty Research Partnership


Applications are now open for the Department of Chemistry’s Summer 2024 Visiting Faculty Research Partnership, an initiative that welcomes visiting scholars and collaborators from a broad range of institutions for a summer of study in collaboration with our faculty.


The partnership is designed to draw faculty from moderate-to-small research programs and more diverse institutions: undergraduate colleges; programs with small doctoral or no doctoral programs; and institutions that serve historically excluded groups. Our goal is to deepen relationships with those we have not often worked with and to expand our network of talented peers.

The program will run two months during the summer, from June 3 through August 2, 2024. It carries a short-term appointment as Visiting Research Scholar to fulfill a chemistry-based project with a department faculty member.

Applications for the summer of 2024 run through Dec. 6, 2023.

Selected visiting faculty have the opportunity to bring two undergraduate students with them to Frick Laboratory. Stipends are offered for faculty and accompanying students, along with access to resources and labs; our core facilities; and advising resources, i.e. the Office of Sponsored Research. In addition, students will enjoy professional development workshops, info sessions with local pharma companies, on-campus housing, travel reimbursement, and other program benefits.

Applicants will complete a preliminary application, including a CV and a short project proposal and will provide the names of faculty they would like to work with. Partnership finalists will be asked to complete an in-depth application, as well as a long form proposal and budget to be reviewed by Princeton Chemistry faculty and program administrators.

The program will be capped by an end-of-summer research symposium and reception featuring faculty partners and graduate students. Undergraduates will have the opportunity to participate in an open poster session.


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