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Campus Life


Premier scientists from around the world present seminars to the Department throughout the year. Graduate students have the opportunity to meet in small groups with invited speakers.

The Chemistry Community


Labs with overlapping research interests frequently meet together for informal supergroup meetings or structured research presentations. These discussion groups generate scientific collaboration and new insights on research here in chemistry and in other departments with intersecting areas of research. More information on these groups can be found on the individual research area pages on this site.

Building community outside of the lab

Graduate students are at the center of the Princeton Chemistry community hosting frequent informal events for the Department. These happenings outside the lab foster friendships and connections reflected in the collegial atmosphere that sets Princeton Chemistry apart. Students, researchers, and faculty connect at relaxed weekly Friday socials, movie nights, the summer picnic, softball games and the traditional merriment of winter Frickmas.

Graduate Student organizations in the Department serve an important role in event programming, both social and scientific, and community outreach. These groups include:

  • Graduate Student Organization (GSO) – The GSO is dedicated to enriching graduate student life within the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University through administrative, social, and community activities. The GSO serves as a liaison between the graduate students and the Department by actively communicating graduate students’ needs to administrators and faculty. Open to all chemistry graduate students, the GSO organizes Department-wide social activities, assists in graduate student recruitment efforts, and coordinates chemistry outreach and community service projects.
  • QuiC (Queer In Chemistry) is a departmental organization supporting the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities within Princeton Chemistry. The group offers social events such as game nights; professional development events, such as queer-focused research symposia; and networking opportunities, such as seminars with queer-identified chemists. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of identity. Those interested in QuiC can sign up for the group’s mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events and announcements. QuiC is open to all individuals regardless of identity. 

  • Women in Chemistry (WiC) – Princeton WiC’s mission is to provide a forum for the women graduate students, post-docs, staff, and faculty in the Princeton University Department of Chemistry to discuss the challenges unique to women in all stages of science-related careers. The group fosters a vibrant and strong community amongst the women of the Department. Its aim is to raise awareness of the historic and future states of gender relations and work-life balance in the global chemistry community. Princeton WiC is open to all individuals regardless of gender identity.

Department Travel Grant

The Department Travel Grant offers all post-generals graduate students up to $1,000 in funding to travel to a scientific conference. Students have traveled across the country and around the world to present their research, network with others in their field, and enjoy life outside the lab.

Campus Organizations And University Centers

The Office of Graduate Student Life supports an array of student-focused centers and organizations to foster community among graduate students incorporating intellectual, cultural and social events, recreational outings and public service.

University centers are campus wide organizations connecting students, administrators and faculty and include:

Family Focused Initiatives

The Graduate School is committed to supporting student personal and family life needs through a number of family focused initiatives.