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PU Chemical Society

The Princeton University Chemical Society (PUCS) is a student branch of the American Chemical Society. PUCS is devoted to helping foster a sense of community within the Department of Chemistry, including prospective chemistry majors. We provide mentorship to all interested parties, including advice on what classes to take, which labs best suit people’s interest, as well as fun and interesting social events to take part in. We also organize numerous chemistry related events including dinners with professors, research presentations, tours of the chemistry department, and liquid nitrogen ice cream study breaks.

Students majoring in other departments who have a love of chemistry and the sciences are also welcome to participate. If you are interested in joining PUCS or simply want more information on the organization, feel free to contact one or more of the officers and we will be happy to help!


Members of PUCS making ice cream with liquid nitrogen

Members of PUCS making ice cream with liquid nitrogen

Courtesy of PUCS