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Leach Summer Scholars in Chemistry 2018 – Celebration!

Undergraduate- - By The Chemistry Undergraduate Office

Left row, front to back:

Sarah Perkins ’21, Katherine Stiefel ’20, Lucy Wang ’21, Melissa Yuan ’20, Daniel Kim ’21, Brian Foster ’21

Right-hand row, front to back: 

Director Dr. Henry Gingrich, Christopher Popham ’21, Christian Venturella ’21, Jessica Dessau ’20, Wade O’Brien ’20


The 2018 Leach Summer Scholars celebrated the end of their nine-week program with Chinese dishes at EPS in Princeton.  Program Director Henry L. Gingrich orchestrated the festivities, culminating with his annual tradition — each Scholar cracked open a fortune cookie, then read the fortune aloud.  A good time was had by all!


About the Leach Program:

The Leach Program accepts applications in early February from Princeton University freshmen and sophomores interested in majoring in chemistry. The goal is to offer students  an opportunity to “test drive” the major, with a focus on providing an original laboratory research experience.

The nine-week agenda includes a variety of activities and instruction, such as talks by guest speakers, research presentations by chemistry seniors, field trips when possible, and an instructional session on best practices for designing a professional research poster.  During the final week of the session, the annual “Pancakes and Posters,” research poster session and accompanying pancake buffet is held  to provide all of the department’s summer students with an opportunity to explain their work to students, faculty, and staff using individually designed research posters.

For more information about the program, contact the Chemistry Department’s Undergraduate Administrator.