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Mukund Chorghade

Mukund Chorghade

Student Invited Lecture
Wed, May. 4, 2016, 4:30pm
Frick Chemistry Laboratory, Taylor Auditorium

Fascinating Personal Adventures in Chemistry R& D: Value Creation and New Opportunities for Chemists   

The pharmaceutical sector has been vibrant, innovation-driven and successful.  A confluence of spectacular advances in chemistry, molecular biology, and genomics led to the discovery of numerous medicines.  Significant efforts were aimed at improving the integration of discovery technologies, chemical sourcing,  formulations, and refined deployment of information technologies.  

Industry has undergone unprecedented changes due to mergers, acquisitions, drugs losing patent protection: a paucity of new drugs created an “innovation deficit”.  Rapidly increasing pace of regulatory reform allied with the necessity of effecting drastic cost-reductions have resulted in strategic paradigm shifts 

I review herein, how our serendipitous observations led to discovery and development and explore how mutual benefits can be obtained by technology, innovation and cooperation. The current trends in employability of chemists and in the evolving chemical workforce will be highlighted and the wisdom of successful chemists will be discussed  Keeping an open mind and entrepreneurship are going to be the future .