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Small Molecule Screening Center

The Princeton University Small Molecule Screening Center enables the discovery of cutting-edge biology on Princeton’s campus through the innovative biology driven by small molecule compounds. Located in Frick Laboratory, the screening center collaborates with research groups in all areas of the biological sciences.

The Center’s vertically integrated discovery operational platform enabled by its unique compound collection continues to add distinguished value to various research advancements by accelerating the identification of exceptional chemical probes in pioneering biological studies and potential therapeutic candidates of high impact.

Collaborations to propel groundbreaking biological sciences have led to discoveries of numerous first-in-class in vivo proof of concept studies ranging in wide areas of therapeutic relevance such as cancer and multidrug resistant anti-infectives, exemplified by some of the compounds shown here.

Chemical diagram of SHIN-2

Leukemia, 2021, 35(2): 377-388
Blood, 2022, 139(4): 538-553

Chemical diagram of G6PDi-1

Nature Chem. Bio. 2020, (16): 731-739
Science Advances, 2021, (7): eabk 1023

Chemical diagram of IRS-16

Cell, 2020, (181): 1518-1532

Chemical diagram of C26-A6

Nature Cancer, 2022, 3, 43-59
Nature Cancer, 2022, 3, 60-74

The screening center was established and made possible by generous support from the Office of the Provost and founding contributions from the Department of Chemistry, Department of Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics.

For more information about the research at the screening center and potential collaborations, please contact Dr. Hahn Kim, Director, Small Molecule Screening Center.