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Andy Bocarsly

Andrew B. Bocarsly

Research Area:

Andrew B. Bocarsly
Professor of Chemistry
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, 388

Faculty Assistant:

Pattie Faranetta
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, 228

Bocarsly Group Website

Research Focus

Andrew Bocarsly’s research interests lie in the general field of physical inorganic chemistry, with emphasis on the chemistry of excited state and charge transfer processes and the chemistry of surfaces. These interests have resulted in his research focusing on electrochemistry, photochemistry, solid state chemistry, and fuel cells. There are three active projects (CO2 Reduction, Fuel Cells, and Cyanogels) on which graduate and undergraduate students currently work.

Selected Publications

Paris, A. R.; Bocarsly, A. B., High-Efficiency Conversion of CO2 to Oxalate in Water Is Possible Using a Cr-Ga Oxide Electrocatalyst. ACS Catalysis 2019, 2324-2333.

Kuo, H.-Y.; Lee, T. S.; Chu, A. T.; Tignor, S. E.; Scholes, G. D.; Bocarsly, A. B., A cyanide-bridged di-manganese carbonyl complex that photochemically reduces CO2 to CO. Dalton Transactions 2019, 48, 1226-1236

Tignor, S. E.; Kuo, H.-Y.; Lee, T. S.; Scholes, G. D.; Bocarsly, A. B., Manganese-Based Catalysts with Varying Ligand Substituents for the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to CO. Organometallics 2018.

Paris, A. R.; Bocarsly, A. B., Mechanistic Insight into C2 and C3 Product Generation Using Ni3Al and Ni3Ga Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction. In Faraday Discussion on Artifical Photosynthesis, Royal Society of Chemistry: Cambridge University, GB, 2018.

Ni, D.; Kuo, H.-Y.; Park, J. E.; Lee, T. S.; Sloman, S.-R. I.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., Improved H2 Evolution in Quaternary SCIGS Chalcopyrite Semiconductors. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018, 122 (43), 24512-24519.

Frick, J. J.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., Chalcopyrite CuIn(S1–xSex)2 for Photoelectrocatalytic H2 Evolution: Unraveling the Energetics and Complex Kinetics of Photogenerated Charge Transfer in the Semiconductor Bulk. Chem Mater 2018, 30 (13), 4422-4431.

Wuttig, A.; Krizan, J. W.; Gu, J.; Frick, J. J.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., The effect of Mg-doping and Cu nonstoichiometry on the photoelectrochemical response of CuFeO2. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2017, 5 (1), 165-171.

Paris, A. R.; Bocarsly, A. B., Ni–Al Films on Glassy Carbon Electrodes Generate an Array of Oxygenated Organics from CO2. ACS Catalysis 2017, 7, 6815-6820.

Frick, J. J.; Kushwaha, S. K.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., Characterization of Primary Carrier Transport Properties of the Light-Harvesting Chalcopyrite Semiconductors CuIn(S1–xSex)2. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2017, 121 (32), 17046-17052.

White, J. L.; Bocarsly, A. B., Enhanced Carbon Dioxide Reduction Activity on Indium-Based Nanoparticles. J Electrochem Soc 2016, 163 (6), H410-H416.

Pander III, J. E.; Baruch, M. F.; Bocarsly, A. B., Probing the Mechanism of Aqueous CO2 Reduction on Post-Transition-Metal Electrodes using ATR-IR Spectroelectrochemistry. ACS Catalysis 2016, 6 (11), 7824-7833.

Zeitler, E. L.; Ertem, M. Z.; Pander, J. E.; Yan, Y.; Batista, V. S.; Bocarsly, A. B., Isotopic Probe Illuminates the Role of the Electrode Surface in Proton Coupled Hydride Transfer Electrochemical Reduction of Pyridinium on Pt(111). J Electrochem Soc 2015, 162 (14), H938-H944.

White, J. L.; Baruch, M. F.; III, J. E. P.; Hu, Y.; Fortmeyer, I. C.; Park, J. E.; Zhang, T.; Liao, K.; Gu, J.; Yan, Y.; Shaw, T. W.; Abelev, E.; Bocarsly, A. B., Light-Driven Heterogeneous Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes. Chem. Rev. 2015, 115 (23), 12888-12935.

Cole, E. E. B.; Baruch, M. F.; L’Esperance, R. P.; Kelly, M. T.; Lakkaraju, P. S.; Zeitler, E. L.; Bocarsly, A. B., Substituent Effects in the Pyridinium Catalyzed Reduction of CO2 to Methanol: Further Mechanistic Insights. Top Catal 2015, 58 (1), 15-22.

Baruch, M. F.; Pander, J. E.; White, J. L.; Bocarsly, A. B., Mechanistic Insights into the Reduction of CO2 on Tin Electrodes using in Situ ATR-IR Spectroscopy. ACS Catalysis 2015, 5 (5), 3148-3156.

Agarwal, J.; Shaw, T. W.; Schaefer, H. F.; Bocarsly, A. B., Design of a Catalytic Active Site for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction with Mn(I)-Tricarbonyl Species. Inorg Chem 2015, 54 (11), 5285-5294.

White, J. L.; Herb, J. T.; Kaczur, J. J.; Majsztrik, P. W.; Bocarsly, A. B., Photons to formate: Efficient electrochemical solar energy conversion via reduction of carbon dioxide. Journal of CO2 Utilization 2014, 7, 1-5.

Gu, J.; Yan, Y.; Krizan, J. W.; Gibson, Q. D.; Detweiler, Z. M.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., “p-Type CuRhO2 as a Self-Healing Photoelectrode for Water Reduction under Visible Light.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136 (3), 830-833.

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