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Jose Roque

Research Area:

Jose Roque
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, 188
Phone: 609-258-8523

Faculty Assistant:

Julia Kazmierczak
Faculty / Grants Assistant
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, 289

Roque Group Website

Research Focus

Our research interests lie at the interface of organic and organometallic chemistry, with an emphasis on the development of new reactivity modes to address unsolved problems in catalysis and expand the reactivity of transition metal complexes. The proposed research aims to answer long-standing challenges in organic synthesis while providing a platform for unearthing fundamental insight.

The Roque group is actively recruiting graduate students. Prospective Ph.D. Students should apply to the graduate program. Email Jose if you intend on applying to the graduate program.


Brief Biosketch:

Jose Roque was born in Havana, Cuba, and obtained his B.S. degree in chemistry in 2015 from Florida International University. During his undergraduate studies, he worked with Professor Kevin O’Shea on the synthetic applications of photochemically produced singlet oxygen. In 2020, he earned his doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley, under the guidance of Professor Richmond Sarpong. His doctoral research focused on complex molecule synthesis and the development of skeletal editing strategies. At UC-Berkeley, Jose was a Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Reaxys PhD Prize finalist. Following his doctoral studies, Roque joined Princeton University as a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, working with Professor Paul Chirik on electronically-controlled C–H activation. He continues his academic journey at Princeton University and launched his independent career in July 2023 as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, specializing in the catalysis and synthesis subfield.



Selected Publications

  • Roque, J. B.; Shimozono, A. M.; Pabst, T. P.; Hierlmeier, G.; Peterson, P. O.; Chirik, P. J. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Control of C(sp2)–H Activation Enables Site-Selective Borylation. Science 2023, 382, 1165–1170.
  • Roque, J. B.; Kuroda, Y.; Göttemann, L. T.; Sarpong, R. Deconstructive Fluorination of Cyclic Amines by Carbon-Carbon Cleavage. Science 2018, 361, 171–174.
  • Roque, B.; Kuroda, Y.; Göttemann, L. T.; Sarpong, R. Deconstructive Diversification of Cyclic Amines. Nature 2018, 564, 244–248.

A full list of publications can be found on google scholar.