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Robert Cava

Robert J. Cava

Research Area:

Robert J. Cava
Russell Wellman Moore, Professor of Chemistry
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, A88

Faculty Assistant:

Angela Dolce
Faculty / Grants Assistant
[email protected]
Frick Laboratory, A87

Cava Group Website

Research Focus

In the Cava research group, we search for and synthesize new non-molecular inorganic solids, grow crystals of them, determine their crystal structures, and characterize their electronic and magnetic properties. Our goal is to find new compounds whose electronic and magnetic properties are interesting enough for them to be studied in detail by experts in materials physics worldwide. Our work concentrates very strongly in the chemistry of materials, but we also have to know something about the properties of matter and electronic structure theory to direct our searches for new compounds. Especially of interest to us are non-molecular inorganic compounds where we can hope to understand, in chemical terms, the relationships between the chemistry of bonding and crystal structure and the physics of magnetic and electronic properties.

After we identify and synthesize a new compound and make initial measurements of its properties, we report our results. Then we work closely with people in theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics at Princeton, Johns Hopkins University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory, and many other labs around the world, to provide them data, materials or crystals so that they can study the properties in more detail.

We direct our materials discovery activities by our interest in new superconductors, new magnetoresistive materials, frustrated magnets, and topological insulators, but we keep our eyes open for other interesting properties as well.

In all cases, we employ the principles and synthetic and analytical methods of solid state chemistry to try to find new materials of interest. Our chemical tool set involves almost the whole periodic table, but we are especially interested in transition metal oxides, pnictides and chalcogenides. We use many methods to synthesize and grow crystals of our compounds. Our research philosophy has probably best been summarized by NIKE: “Just do it.” Although almost all students and post-docs in the group are chemists, we always have postdoctoral fellows in the group who are PhD physicists.


Harkins Lectureship, University of Chicago, Department of Chemistry  (2023)

Saint Germain Lectureship, Boston University, Department of Materials Science  (2023)

David Adler Lecturer Award, American Physical Society  (2021)

Centennial Lecturer, Department of Physics, Peking University  (2019)

President’s International Fellowship for Distinguished Scientists, Chinese Academy of Sciences  (2017)

Institute of Physics, Outstanding Reviewer  (2016)

MRS Medal, Materials Research Society (2016)

Election as Foreign Fellow, The Royal Society (2016)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Technical University of Gdansk (2014)

Moore Foundation Materials Synthesis Investigator (2014)

Graduate Mentoring Award in Natural Sciences, Princeton University (2014)

Inaugural Anniversary Metal, Dept. of Physics, TU Gdansk (2014)

Linus Pauling Award, American Chemical Society Northwest Section (2012)

Stephanie Kwolek Award in Materials Chemistry (2012)

Royal Society of Chemistry, Great Britain (2012)

McGroddy Prize in New Materials, American Physical Society (2012)

Humboldt Research Award, Germany (2012)

Award in Inorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society (2011)

Villum Foundation Visiting Foreign Professorship (2010)

Risø, Technical University of Denmark (2010)

Medal of Remembrance, Gdansk Technical University (2010)

John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science (2005)

National Academy of Sciences (2005)

President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, Princeton University (2005)

Election to U.S. National Academy of Sciences (2001)

Selected Publications

“Impersonating a Superconductor: High-Pressure BaCoO3, an Insulating Ferromagnet”, Haozhe Wang, Xianghan Xu, Danrui Ni, David Walker, Jie Li, Robert J. Cava, and Weiwei Xie, Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (39), 21203-21206, (2023).

“Tunable Magnetic Transition Temperatures in Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Cobalt Chloride Hexagonal Perovskites”, T Lee, DB Straus, X Xu, W Xie, RJ Cava Chemistry of Materials 35 (4), 1745-1751, (2023).

“Electron doping of a double-perovskite flat-band system”, Lun Jin, Nicodemos Varnava, Danrui Ni, Xin Gui, Xianghan Xu, Yuanfeng Xu, B Andrei Bernevig, Robert J Cava, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 e2218997120 (2023).

“Large off-diagonal magnetoelectricity in a triangular Co2+-based collinear antiferromagnet”, Xianghan Xu, Yiqing Hao, Shiyu Peng, Qiang Zhang, Danrui Ni, Chen Yang, Xi Dai, Huibo Cao, RJ Cava Nature Communications 14 8034 (2023).

“Layered polymorph of titanium triiodide” Danrui Ni, Ranuri S. Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage, Xianghan Xu, Junsik Mun, Yimei Zhu, Weiwei Xie, and Robert J. Cava. Phys. Rev. Materials 6, 124001 (2022).

“The honeycomb and hyperhoneycomb polymorphs of IrI3”, Danrui Ni, Kasey P. Devlin, Guangming Cheng, Xin Gui, Weiwei Xie, Nan Yao and Robert J. Cava, J. Sol. St. Chem. 312 123240 (2022).

“Ferrites without iron as potential quantum materials”, Danrui Ni and Robert J. Cava, Prog. in Sol. St. Chem. 66, 100346 (2022).

“Structure, Magnetism, and First-Principles Modeling of the Na0.5La0.5RuO3 Perovskite”, Nguyen, LT; Saubanere, M; Zhang, Q; Cava, RJ; Chem. Mat.33, 600, (2021).

RuAl6-An Endohedral Aluminide Superconductor,” Ryzynska, Z; Chamorro, JR; McQueen, TM, Wisniewski, P; Kaczorowski, D; Xie, WW; Cava, RJ; Klimczuk, T; Winiarski, MJ, Chemistry of Materials, 32, 3805-3812, (2020).

“VI3—a New Layered Ferromagnetic Semiconductor,” Tai Kong, Karoline, Stolze, Erik I. Timmons, Jing Tao, Danrui Ni, Shu Guo, Zoë Yang, Ruslan Prozorov and Robert J. Cava, Advanced Materials, 31, 1808074 (2019).

“TaRh2B2 and NbRh2B2: Superconductors with a chiral noncentrosymmetric crystal structure,” Carnicom, EM; Xie, WW; Klimczuk, T; Lin, JJ; Gornicka, K; Sobczak, Z; Ong, NP; Cava, RJ, Science Advances 4 5 (2018).

“High-Pressure Synthesis and Characterization of beta-GeSe-A Six-Membered-Ring Semiconductor in an Uncommon Boat Conformation”, F.O. von Rohr, H.W. Ji, F.A. Cevallos, T. Gao, N.P. Ong, and R.J. Cava, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 2771 (2017).

“Sn-doped Bi1.1Sb0.9Te2S bulk crystal topological insulator with excellent properties”, S.K. Kushwaha, I. Pletikosic, T. Liang, A. Gyenis, S.H. Lapidus, Y. Tian, H. Zhao, K.S. Burch, J.J. Lin, W.D. Wang, H.W. Ji, A.V. Fedorov, A. Yazdani, N.P. Ong, T. Valla, and R.J. Cava, Nature Communications 7 11456 (2016).

“Polytypism, polymorphism, and superconductivity in TaSe2-xTex”, H.X. Luo, W.W. Xie, J. Tao, H. Inoue, A. Gyenis, J.W. Krizan, A. Yazdani, Y.M. Zhu, and R.J. Cava, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 112 E1174 (2015).

Gu, J.; Yan, Y.; Krizan, J. W.; Gibson, Q. D.; Detweiler, Z. M.; Cava, R. J.; Bocarsly, A. B., “p-Type CuRhO2 as a Self-Healing Photoelectrode for Water Reduction under Visible Light.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136 (3), 830-833.

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Borisenko, S.; Gibson, Q.; Evtushinsky, D.; Zabolotnyy, V.; Buechner, B.; Cava, R. J., “Experimental Realization of a Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetal.” Physical Review Letters 2014, 113 (2), 7603-7603.

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