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2022 Grad Student Photo Gallery

Profiles- - By Wendy Plump and C. Todd Reichart

What distinguishes our newest cohort of graduate students from the one before it is, obviously, the characters who make up the class. Individual personalities will emerge over time. But for now, this much is obvious: they do like to travel.

Maybe it’s the fact of being sprung from the confines of COVID, but there was a preponderance of travel photos this year from our incoming graduate students. They visited Cambodia, Croatia, Greece, Zion National Park, a graveyard in South Carolina, Northern Ireland, and all points in between during the months leading up to their arrival in Princeton.

We hope you enjoy this third iteration of our beginning-of-term photo gallery and the splendid diversity of interests and accomplishments that define our 2022 Grad Student Cohort. And to our newest graduate students, Welcome to Princeton Chemistry.

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