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Annual Awards Ceremony Honors Grad Students

Awards- - By Wendy Plump

The Department of Chemistry honored 18 graduate students at its Annual Graduate Student Awards ceremony held virtually on Saturday, May 30 with Robert Knowles, Director of Graduate Studies, presenting. Awards fell into three categories: First-Year Awards, based on GPA; Merit Awards, nominated by faculty; and Teaching Awards, also nominated by faculty. The winners and their photographs appear below. Congratulations to all award winners.




These fellowships were gifted to the Department by alumni; they provide summer support to first-year graduate students in recognition of academic excellence.

The Norman G. and Elizabeth Brink Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry to John Hoskin (Sorensen lab).

The Stephen P.A. Fodor *85 Fellowship to Liyuan Zhi (Toettcher lab, Dept. of Molecular Biology).

The Stanley A. Lefkowitz *70 Fellowship to Nico Prieto Kullmer (MacMillan lab).

The David V. Milligan ‘62 Fellowship to Nick Falcone (Sorensen lab).

The George B. Rathmann *51 Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry to Claire Page (Hyster lab).

The Nat C. Robertson *42 Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry to James Cox (Knowles lab).

2020 Graduate Awards First Year Awardees
First Year Awardees (clockwise from top left) John Hoskin, Liyuan Zhi, Nico Prieto Kullmer, Nick Falcone, Claire Page and James Cox.



The MacMillan Cava Prize for Outstanding Thesis Research to Simon Cooper (Hyster lab). This annual prize is given to a graduating student who produced a thesis of exceptional quality.

The Patchett Summer Fellowship to Dylan Abrams (Sorensen lab), and Guanqi Qiu (Knowles lab). This award, provided by a donation from Dr. Arthur Patchett ’51, a former executive of Merck and Co. and an alumnus of Princeton, is granted to senior organic students who have excelled at Princeton.

2020 Graduate Awards Merit Awardees
Merit Awardees (left to right) Simon Cooper, Dylan Abrams and Guanqi Qiu.
Photos by C. Todd Reichart



The Pickering Teaching Award to: Isabelle Leibler (Doyle lab); Holt Sakai (MacMillan lab); Charles Maher (Torquato lab); Steven Bodine (Muir lab); and Kelly Powderly (Cava lab). Named in honor of Miles Pickering, Director of the Chemistry Undergraduate Labs from 1981 until his death in 1991, these awards recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching.

2020 Graduate Awards Pickering Teaching Awardees
Pickering Teaching Awardees (clockwise from top left) Isabelle Leibler, Holt Sakai, Charles Maher, Steven Bodine and Kelly Powderly.

The Hubert Alyea ‘24 Teaching Award to: Sarah Kurtoic (Hyster lab); and Julia Borowski (Doyle lab). Granted in memory of Hubert Alyea, a renowned chemist and beloved Princeton instructor, this award recognizes outstanding dedication and enthusiasm for undergraduate teaching.

2020 Graduate Awards Alyea Teaching Awardees
Alyea Teaching Awardees (left to right) Sarah Kurotic and Julia Borowski.
Photos by C. Todd Reichart

The Margaret and Herman Sokol Fellowship to: Tony Scavuzzo (Carrow lab); and John Barr (Rabitz lab). This prize is given to students who express an interest in teaching after their degree award, and who excelled at teaching during their time at Princeton.

2020 Graduate Awards Sokol Fellowship Awardees
Sokol Fellowship Awardees (left to right) Tony Scavuzzo and John Barr.
Photos by C. Todd Reichart