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Annual CHM 371 Core Lab Poster Session

Uncategorized- - By Kirsten Arentzen, Undergraduate Administrator

The Annual CHM 371 Core Lab Poster Session was held in the Frick Lab atrium on Thursday, January 7. Twenty-five junior chemistry majors presented their experimental work completed as part of the course curriculum. For most of the students, the event was their first experience presenting and explaining their work to fellow researchers. Members of the Department of all levels of study attended to make that first exposure a rewarding one. 

The following posters were presented:

Programming LabVIEW to Collect, Analyze, and Save Spectroscopy Data – Tessa Myren, Jae-Son Song

Optimization of Silver Nanoparticles for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy – Monica Wei, Ashley Tsue, Nyssa Emerson (GS)

Computation and Experimentation:  Temperature Effects on the Equilibrium of Nitro-Linkage Isomers of Pentaamminecobalt (III) – Nancy Song, Marisa Salazar

A Computational Study of Asymmetric Proline-­Catalyzed Aldol Reaction Mechanisms – Spyder-­Ryder Sloman, Uri Tayvah

Studying How Oxidation State Affects Cytochrome C Stability by Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) – Paul Rosen, Elizabeth Sell

Spectroscopic Analysis of Kinetic and Thermodynamic Processes in a Spiropyran – Lulu Chen, Hannah Yang, Dr. Chia-Ying Wang

The Effects of Solvents and Temperature on the Unfolding Dynamics of Cytochrome C through Fluorescence Spectroscopy  – Carol Gu, Alexia Kim

Upfield 195Pt NMR Shifting in [PtCl 6-n Brn]2– Speciation with Increased [BR} Concentration – Chris Habermann, Stefanie Webb

Characterizing Keto-Enol Tautomerization by Varying Concentration, Dielectric Constant & Temperature of Solution – Taylor Myers, Norman Greenberg

Tuning ZnO Nanoparticle Growth by Effective Kinetic Quenching of Aggregation due to Thiol-Induced Steric Hindrance – Mary Helen deGolian, Blake Feldman

Partially Denatured Cytochrome c Exhibits New Fluorescence Peak – Bruce Culbertson, Christian Gray, Summer Ramsay-Burrough, Hao Li (GS)

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Redox Control of Substituted Pyrazines – Nathan Park, An Chu, Dr. Michael T. Kelly

Taylor Myers ’17 (left) and Norman Greenberg ’17 (right)
Jae-Son Song ’17 (left) and Tessa Myren ’17 (right)