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Caroline Rouget-Virbel ’18 STUDY ABROAD IN AUSTRALIA

Undergraduate- - By Caroline Rouget-Virbel

Studying abroad had been on my mind since day one at Princeton. After changing my mind on the destination about a hundred times, I finally settled for the University of Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne has wonders to offer. Its cultural diversity, street art, the food and coffee culture, and the beautiful sights all around the state of Victoria made it a perfect location for my few months abroad. Skipping the New Jersey winter for the beautiful Australian beaches was definitely an opportunity I could not miss.

Taking two chemistry subjects and two classes in the humanities is giving me the chance to travel and experience a new culture while satisfying all of my Princeton requirements. In addition to my coursework here, I am also conducting my Junior Independent Work with Dr. Polyzos, focusing on Photoredox-mediated transformations of amines. When not in class or in lab, I have been exploring the beautiful Australian scenery, and even had the chance to spend some time in New Zealand.