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Chemistry Retreat 2017

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Now a tradition at the start of the academic year, the Third Annual Departmental Retreat was an opportunity for graduate students, researchers and faculty across the Department of Chemistry to come together outside of the lab for two days of research presentations, dialogue, camaraderie and friendly competition.

Chemistry Retreat 2017
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This year, over 200 members of the department attended the retreat which was held on Thursday and Friday, September 7-8 at the Minerals Hotel, Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, NJ.
There were 23 talks presented over seven sessions with lively Q&As following each talk. This year’s awardees for best presentation were: 1st: Micah Nelp (Groves), 2nd: Utsab Khadka (Yang), and 3rd: Bethany Okada (Seyedsayamdost).

Best presentation winners: 1st: Micah Nelp (Groves), 2nd: Utsab Khadka (Yang), and 3rd: Bethany Okada (Seyedsayamdost).

More than 40 poster presenters took over the resort’s basketball court on Thursday evening for two lively hours of show and tell on current research. This years awardees for best poster presentation were: 1st: Amanda DeLiberto (Kleiner), 2nd: Long Wang (Carrow), and 3rd: Rose Kennedy (Chirik).

Best poster winners: 3rd: Rose Kennedy (Chirik), 1st: Amanda DeLiberto (Kleiner), 2nd: Long Wang (Carrow) accepted by Peter Waddell.

In the annual soccer tournament, the department fielded six teams: “Random Forest” (Sorensen/Doyle), “Strong Fielders” (Chirik), “Mo Lab” (Seyedsayamdost), Muir Lab, MacMillan Lab, and the “Post Generals” (third-years). The “Post Generals” easily bested the competition despite being cobbled together with researchers from several of the smaller labs. 

2017 soccer champs: The “Post Generals”

For more photos of the presentations, posters, festivities and soccer tournament, please watch the PU Chem Retreat 2017 slideshow above, or watch the slideshow in HD on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/233740549