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Jennifer Obligacion awarded HHMI International Student Research Fellowship

Awards- - By Tien Nguyen, Department of Chemistry
Jennifer Obligacion

Jennifer Obligacion, a fourth year graduate student in the laboratory of Professor Paul Chirik, has been selected as a Howard Hughes International Student Research Fellow.

The International Student Research Fellowship Program was established in 2011 to support graduate students in their third to fifth year. Currently, the program supports 231 students from 46 countries. Awardees receive $43,000 during each year of their fellowship.

Obligacion was one of 45 highly talented Fellows chosen from more than 300 applicant, and is the Philippines first HHMI International Research Fellow. Her research focuses on the development of catalysts based on Earth-abundant elements for carbon-boron bond forming reactions, transformations of tremendous utility in the synthesis and discovery of new medicines.

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