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Leslie Schoop Awarded Prestigious Minerva Fellowship

Awards- - By Tien Nguyen, Department of Chemistry
Leslie Schoop, graduate student in the Cava lab

Leslie Schoop, a graduate student in the laboratory of Bob Cava, has been awarded the esteemed Minerva Fellowship for her excellence in academic research. Only two women scientists are awarded the fellowship each year.

Since 1997, the Minerva program has funded 83 female scientists to prepare them for leadership positions in five years time. Fellows are chosen by a rigorous process; first they are nominated by a Max Planck Institute then selected by an outside committee. Schoop will receive funding for 2-3 years for a post-doctoral research position at the Max Planck Institute for solid state research then be eligible to receive funding to run a “Minerva group” as an assistant professor.

Schoop’s research in the Cava lab focuses on superconductivity. She plans to graduate in November of this year.