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Mass Spectrometry Core Facility Video released

Video Features- - By ctoddr

Now appearing on the departmental website, a video overview of the Department of Chemistry Mass Spectrometry core facility. This is the first of a planned series of videos offering insight to the specific instruments, analytical capabilities and uses of each of the Department of Chemistry core facilities.

Core Facilities Mass Spectrometry Video
Click for an overview of the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility…
Video posted July 2, 2019

The video features interviews with John Eng, Ph.D. the Director of the Mass Spectrometry and Small Instrument Core Facilities; Emily Gentry, recent Ph.D. graduate of the Knowles group; Eric Webb, graduate student in the Doyle group; Laura Ackerman, Ph.D., post doctoral researcher in the Doyle group; and Vlad Bacauanu, graduate student in the MacMillan group.

Beyond this initial announcement, this video may also be viewed on the Mass Spectrometry Facility page or at the Department of Chemistry’s Vimeo channel.