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PUCS Study Break

Uncategorized- - By Kirsten Arentzen, Undergraduate Administrator

The night of Tuesday, January 12, the Princeton Undergraduate Chemistry Society (PUCS) held a Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Study Break to help Princeton undergraduates celebrate the wrap-up of the Deans Date 5:00 pm deadline and to take a break from studying for final exams. Over thirty students attended the event and had a great time making a frozen dessert customized to their preferences. 

Students typically create ice cream treats using liquid nitrogen, but for this study break the PUCS officers also offered the option of making frozen yogurt. Dollops of frozen yogurt were topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries – and sometimes even gummy bears! The frozen yogurt was a big hit, as was the taste of fresh berries in the middle of winter. Making frozen desserts using liquid nitrogen is a fun-filled way to do chemistry!