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Todd Hyster Joins Princeton Chemistry Faculty

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Todd Hyster, assistant professor of chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Princeton University is pleased to welcome Todd Hyster to the faculty as an assistant professor effective July 1, 2015.

Hyster received his Ph.D. at Colorado State University under the direction of Dr. Tomislav Rovis. He then conducted his postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Frances Arnold.

His research will focus on exploiting protein-based catalysts to address synthetic challenges beyond the reach of classical approaches such as organocatalysis and transition metal catalysis. These solutions range from developing new protein/catalysts hybrid complexes to engineering existing enzyme complexes to catalyze new, synthetically interesting reactions.

The aim of these new transformations will, in part, focus on the synthesis of nitrogen containing molecules. Basic nitrogen is found in the vast majority of medicinally and biologically relevant targets. The ability to access new types of nitrogen containing molecules can potentially lead to the discovery of new biological entities.